Jackie Rawe
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I feel very blessed to have had to date a singing career spanning twenty seven years and to have travelled the world because of my voice. Sometimes singing lead, sometimes singing background vocals but always singing.

For years I thought my dream was to have a solo recording contract with a major record company and on a few occasions showcased for such. The contracts did not manifest.

It wasn’t until April 2001 during my Journey accreditation programme with Brandon Bays, while meditating, that I realised the real truth in my heart was to share my voice with the world. I knew I didn’t need a major recording contract to do this, I just needed to make a record and get it out. So the seed was sown and the record grew.

Because the truth gave rise during a time of spiritual practice, I wanted to honor this conception and chose to record songs which were of a spiritual, inspirational and devotional nature. The songs chosen span a twelve year period.

I contacted Peter Adams whom I had written my very first songs with some 18 years ago, and Peter agreed to help me make a start on the album by producing five songs which we started working on in October 2001.
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It’s taken nearly three years to finish the album with health and financial challenges to overcome, and the result is an achievement I am proud of.

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To contact Jackie about the CD or any singing engagements please e-mail: info@jackierawe.com

“Once in a while you come across a voice that lingers in the mind and awakens the soul. Jackie Rawe has such a voice. A truly gifted performer with the ability to captivate and inspire her audience. She is a STAR!”
Lady Margaret McNair executive director: Citizens Commission on Human Rights U.K.

I first saw Jackie perform at the “Songwriters” club about 12 years ago, and whilst there were some excellent acts playing that night Jackie shone more brightly, bringing the house down with her octane fuelled soulful voice, plus her incredible energy and stage presence. We have since become firm friends and made music together on various projects and yet what never ceases to amaze me about Jackie is her 110% commitment to improving herself and her art.
Kipper, record producer....Sting “Brand New Day” and “Sacred Love”, Chris Botti “Night Sessions”

"Jackie’s voice is thrilling, powerful and moving. She sings straight from the soul, from the Essence of Life, and will leave you in joy and bliss."
Brandon Bays, author of The Journey

‘Jackie Rawe is England’s Aretha. Her amazing voice and her up-lifting songs have the power to transform the toughest heart.’
Deva Premal and Miten

"Music to uplift the soul. Jackie has music with a message, which is so refreshing, and her passion and belief shine through."
Nick Williams, author of The Work We Were Born To Do

“Jackie Rawe sings with richness and soul. The music hints of the best of Motown; the lyrics bring forth the best elements of personal transformation literature; the crisp production floats gently into the ears. The tunes are catchy, uplifting, unique, and filled with love. Jackie’s music receives my highest praise and recommendation."
David Wolf CEO www.rawfood.com,author of The Sunfood Diet Success System and Eating For Beauty,lecturer, Percussionist for the healing waters band.

“Uplifting sounds to dance with or reflect on. Very inspiring lyrics and music. Jackie Rawe brings a groove to awakening that sets your feet and heart on fire. While listening to the music, it rejuvenated my soul and gave me energy to continue my day. I call it New Age funk. It's truly long awaited and about time”.
Victoria Jimenez, author of Sacred Awakening of Light Warriors.

Jackie Rawe's music is both uplifting, motivational and inspiring. I urge you to get hold of a copy as soon as possible.
Jason Vale “The Juice Master”author of:Slim 4 Life, Ultimate Fast Food, Chocolate Busters

“Jackie Rawe's incredible voice has such depth, such feeling, such character! It draws me in and takes me on a roller coaster ride leaving me with chills, tears and self-reflection. Not only does she touch your soul, she gives you hope for a brighter tomorrow. This is real, this is compelling, this is an amazing talent who's time has come!"
Liz McDonald, Angel channeller, lecturer, motivator.

"Great spirit, great heart and sheer oomph!"
Ian Patrick, Director of the Miracle Network.

“Jackie Rawe’s singing touches the heart, relaxes the mind and uplifts the spirit. A real treat!”
Mechthild Ruggier founder www.sedonaresults.com and Sedona Method Instructor

"In my job as a radio DJ and music scheduler I receive many unsolicited promotional CD's. The standard is not always high and so it was with the usual trepidation that I put on Jackie Rawe's new album "My Truth", then revelation. Her voice has the power and the soul of Aretha Franklin; The orchestration is lush and tight and the words inspirational. This is a really fine uplifting soulful album from Jackie"
Dave Raven, Radio DJ